Oxygen Plant

Oxygen Plant
Product Details

By PSA principles, CANGAS® CAPO Series oxygen plants generate 93±3% purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air. Compared with traditional Bulk liquid oxygen and cylinders oxygen, CANGAS on-site PSA oxygen plant can reduce cost down to 50 percentages. They can produce oxygen by your will, overcoming the limits of distance, location and transportation.


Application areas: hospitals, laboratory, bulb blower, steel industry, powder metallurgy, paper pulp, aquiculture, golden mine , water treatment industry, etc.


 *Over 15 years’ manufacturing& engineering experience in oxgyen plants, time-proven onsite systems.

*High efficient and high quality of molecular sieve and proprietary PSA energy saving technology of the Oxygen plant can reduce compressed air consumption.30% cost saving compared to bulk liquid oxygen and 50% cost saving compared to oxygen cylinders.

 *Fully automated oxygen plant is low maintenance and ideal for a variety of applications. *Optional CANBUS touch screen central monitoring and control system equipped in the oxygen plant enable all working status under online control.

*Cabinet & Packaged type available. 

*Turn-key solution, all systems of the oxygen plant pre-tested.