Medical Industrial Oxygen Generator

Medical Industrial Oxygen Generator
Product Details

Medical, cutting, welding, fish farming, mining, combustion-supporting Oxygen generator

High Purity Oxygen Generators

    High purity oxygen plant aquires oxygen by separating oxygen directly from the atmosphere and deliver it to application with an oxygen generator. Only electricity is consumed, without material consumption.


CANGAS CAPO series PSA oxygen generators

    CANGAS CAPO series PSA oxygen plants generate 93┬▒3% purity oxygen directly from compressed air. CANGAS PSA Oxygen Plants are serving various industries for their competitive advantages in economy and usage, they are: hospitals, glass and ampoule making, aquaculture, paper and pulp, water treatment, ozone generation, etc.

Oxygen generator applications

Paper and Pulp industries

Glass industries

Metallurgical industries

Chemical industries

Water and Wastewater treatment

Fish farming


Medical Oxygen

    Medical Oxygen is the most widely used medical gas in modern hospitals, it is necessary in medical servicing.

    Traditionally, the Medical Oxygen is supplied by Oxygen Cylinders (Directly, or by Medical Oxygen Manifold Systems). Until now, Oxygen Cylinders are still the most widely used medical oxygen source equipments in hospitals.

    However, for some big hospitals, they may need much Medical Oxygen everyday. In this situation, to adopt a set of Medical Oxygen Plant system is an economical project.

    Medical Oxygen Plant System (PSA Oxygen Generator) is a special customized oxygen plant system for Medical Gas Pipeline System as Medical Oxygen Source equipments for hospitals.

    Per request, the oxygen generating capacity of the system could be 3~2000m3/h, oxygen purity as 93~96%, for medical using, and a filling system to fill oxygen into oxygen cylinders is optional.

Why CANGAS is welcome and chosen us as your supplier partner

Professional manufacturer

    In Medical Gas Pipeline System Industry since 1998; Also, we have Medical Gas Pipeline System Engineering Company in China; So, we know our partners' and hospitals' requirements well.

High Quality Products

    With ISO13485:2003 / ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, the quality has been confirmed and commended by repeated orders from most importers.

Reasonable Price

    Mass manufacturing + reasonable margin make the products has good advantages for price.

One-Stop Supplying

    We supply equipments for the whole medical gas pipeline system. Importers do not need to source and compare different equipments from different suppliers, and do not need to afraid of the compatibility from different factories.

Exporting Experience

    More than 16 years' experience for exporting, we know many special demands of different countries' custom, different shipping companies, to help partners to reduce business cost.

Real manufacturer

    Passed ALIBABA.COM factory Factory Audit, with ISO13485:2003 / ISO9001:2008 / ISO14001:2004 / GB/T28001:2001 / CE certificates.

Buying Guides

The following points need to be confirmed by the purchaser before quoting and purchasing.

1. Country and standards (CE, PED, ASME, UL, API, GHOST, etc.);

2. Application;

3. Site conditions: altitude, temperature, humidity, surroundings, power supply specifications;

4. Basic requirements on capacity: purity, displacement (max output flow), product gas delivery pressure;

5. Any special requirements, such as for medical, short delivery time, shockproof, explosionproof, portable, movable,

    oil-free for product gas, no harmful gases (CO, CO2, SO2, etc.) in product gas, low dew-point, ....